First Blog Entry

Hello there charms! Welcome to my very first post to my blog! I will start by saying thanks for joining me on my adventure. I started with a passion with nails as soon as I was able to paint them. Even before that, I use to love buffing them to make them look shiny giving the illusion of having some kind of clear polish lol. I am married and a mother of twin girls. Which I will mention throughout my journey since they take a big part on why I started this blog. My younger sisters actually were the ones who pushed me to go ahead and go for it as well. I come from a family of creative people. From web designer, to party planner, to my crochet purse making momma! One night one of my sisters said to me” I’m tired of hearing you just talk about your plans for the future!” The next day she sat down with me, we picked a domain and she started to create the website! So finally here we are! I want to be able to make something for them and myself to look at and inspire them to follow what they love.

I’ll be sharing more about my personal life as time goes. I am a family person, And without my family’s support I would be lost.

Back to the good stuff! I will challenge myself every week with some kind of nail design. From negative space, to using just shades of pink or lots of glitter and charms! Ill post my designs and tutorials at the end of the week for you to see in hopes of inspiring some creativity of your own! I would love to receive feedback on what you would like to see done, like challenge me to certain techniques and such. I wish to open an online store where you will be able to purchase and wear my fabulous designs!

My goal is to have a variety of nail designs to be worn from everyday to special extravagant occasions.

I’m so excited to finally be taking the next step in my career and to document it for you to see. Prepare to get Charmed!